The Best Blogs for Learning English:)



 1.English Central-The Official Blog

Through many kinds of materials such as news and videos, you can learn not only English, but also how to teach English!

If you use this blog when you learn English, you can feel that you are taught by teacher face-to-face!


52. The English Blog:BBC Learning English

The best way to improve your English skill is reading, watching , listening and understaning

3.Big Classes9

If you are busy at work or if you have children, you may don’t have time to go English language school.

The best alternative way is learning online.

This blog provides many kinds of materials that you can learn English, and you can send them your Essay and can get correction!

My Favorite Blogs 🙂


You can check what is hot-fashion item in this season and this year.

The blog explains very specific fashion information so that you can get advice when you go shopping, especially on the Black Friday or Chrismas Sale!






2.The Movie Blog2

When you want to watch movie, you may don’t choose which movie are you going to watch.

This blog introduces lots of movies. It shows simple screenshot of the movie and summary.

When you cannot choose movie, just go into this blog! It may help!


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